Authenticity Guarantee

Authenticity Certified

EverDear & Co. will issue a certificate of authenticity with your final product to guarantee:

  • Carbon source of the diamond
  • Diamonds 4Cs grading
  • Jewellery setting metal

EverDear & Co. provides a certificate of authenticity with every diamond we sell. We want you to treasure your memorial jewellery with peace of mind, and never have to wonder about its authenticity. Strict quality assurance guidelines and practices are maintained to ensure the quality and authenticity of every diamond and piece of jewellery sold. EverDear & Co. stands by its work, and this certification is a testament to the highest standards we hold.

Each certificate guarantees the carbon source of the diamond, 4Cs grading (colour, clarity, cut, and carat), and the jewellery setting metal (either platinum or gold). We take memorial jewellery very seriously, and our customers should feel confident that they are purchasing pieces that will live up to the memory of their loved ones. You can rest assured that every time you purchase from EverDear & Co., you are receiving high quality jewellery that has passed extensive quality control.