Frequently Asked Questions


Our prices start from £445. Please check out the price table on the Price List Page to get the exact price for your preferred colour and size.

Most choose to turn ashes into diamonds. However, you can submit either 100 grams of ashes, 2 grams of hair, or a combination of both for each diamond.

The final amount to be submitted should be 100 grams of ashes or 2 grams of hair, multiplied by the number of diamonds ordered. 100 grams of ashes or 2 grams of hair is only sufficient to make one diamond. As carbon contents vary from person to person, we recommend you provide extra quantity as backup when turning ashes into diamonds.

If you wish to turn pet ashes in diamond jewellry then we would be please to accept 100g of ashes, or 2 grams of hair or a combination of both. We use the same stringent processes to turn pet ashes into diamond as we do for human remains.

The memorial diamonds share the same characteristics as naturally mined diamonds and they can be certified by the GIA and the IGI at additional cost.

EverDear & Co. has strict order tracking standards. From the beginning to the end, each order is assigned a unique tracking number to ensure that every step is traceable. A Carbon Source Certification will be delivered with the diamond.