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How to order

If you intend to order memorial diamonds or would like to get more information on our products, please kindly contact us at [email protected], or leave a message on our Contact us page to get detailed information. We will send you the Order Form and Product Brochure. The whole order process takes 5 – 9 months.

Order Confirmation
  • Our Product brochure will give you insights into our offers and assist you in choosing your diamond color and size.
  • Please print and fill the order form.
  • Pack and seal the ashes or hair securely into a suitable container, e.g. zipped bags.
  • Send the ashes and signed order form to our office.
  • Arrange the initial 50% down payment within 7 days of our confirmation of receiving the ashes .
Diamond production process (4-8 months)
  • Carbon refinement – analysis of the components of carbon source and extract the pure carbon.
  • HTHP process – transform the extracted pure carbon into diamonds under high temperature and high pressure conditions.
  • Polish rough diamonds into a larger-than- life memorial diamond.
Diamond delivery
  • When the diamond is ready, we’ll send you photos to give you an idea of the final appearance of the diamonds.
  • The balance amount is due before the final delivery.
  • *Reminder: you can choose the jewellery setting before the final diamond delivery. We also encourage you to provide your preferred jewellery design to maximize the personalization of your love.

Please ensure that you are familiar with the whole order process, in case of any doubt, we are at your disposal.
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The following amount of ashes or hair is required:

Ashes 2/3 cup volume or about 4 oz (100 grams)
Hair 1/2 cup volume or about 0.1 oz (2 grams)
Combination 1/3 cup volume or about 2 oz (50 grams) and 1/4 cup volume or about 0.05 oz

(1 grams)


100 grams ashes or 2 grams hair is the amount required for each diamond. If you order several diamonds, please submit corresponding multiple amounts of ashes or hair.


Only Royal Mail accepts shipments of ashes, while most other carriers accept hair. Please send the materials via the Royal Mail Special Delivery Next Day Service. Please find more information here.