Memorial Diamond 4Cs

Below, a brief tutorial explains the 4Cs. The 4Cs are colour, cut, clarity, and carat weight, which are the most important principles to consider when ordering a diamond.

Since 1953, the 4Cs have been an international standard for diamond grading. As created by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the diamond standard was established as a universal system for grading a diamond and its value, and helping customers compare diamonds of different prices.

Memorial diamonds are genuine diamonds. They can also be graded by GIA under the authentic 4Cs standards. Nevertheless, there is still a bit more to learn about what’s special about memorial diamonds’ 4Cs.


The normal colour of memorial diamonds is yellow. This is due to the presence of other elements such as nitrogen inside the human body.

A naturally mined yellow diamond can be priced 3 to 5 times that of a colourless diamond. Conversely, a colourless memorial diamond is costlier than a yellow memorial diamond because the creation of a colourless memorial diamond requires the additional purifying and removing of elements such as nitrogen or boron.

Affected by the individual elements inside each ordered diamond, the colour of every EverDear & Co. diamond is unique. These colours fall mostly between Fancy Light to Fancy Vivid.

EverDear & Co. does not add additional elements during the production process, making your diamonds more natural and unique.


Clarity measures and reflects the tiny inclusions of diamonds, such as carbon needles, clouds, pinpoints, and knots.

Memorial diamonds are made of cremation ashes and hair. Natural substances and elements from these human remains may also exist in the final memorial diamond.

Most EverDear & Co. memorial diamonds are “VS” or “VVS” grade (Very, Very Slightly Included). This means no internal inclusions can be seen without the help of a magnification lens. Larger sizes may have more inclusions, however.

Flawless, internally flawless
Very very slightly included
VS1 & VS2
Very slightly included
SI1, SI2, & SI3
Slightly included
I1, I2, &I3


The cut of a diamond determines its brilliance and sparkle.

The round brilliant cut with 58 facets is the most dazzling shape of all. This cut also retains the maximum size of your memorial diamond.

That’s why round brilliant cut is recommended by our experts.




Carat Size

Diamond size is measured in carat. One carat is further divided into 100 points.

As size increases, the price of a diamond increases sharply. A 1 carat diamond has 3 to 5 times of value of a half-carat diamond in today’s market.

Different from on-stock mined diamonds, the exact size of a memorial diamond cannot be pre-determined. The given timeframe for creation provides memorial diamonds a size range, but the final size may vary individually. This is the reason why memorial diamonds are priced by carat range instead of exact size.

0.05 Ct.

5 Points

2.0 mm

0.15 Ct

15 Points

3.0 mm

0.25 Ct

25 Points

4.0 mm

0.50 Ct.

50 Points

5.0 mm

*For Reference only. True diamond size may vary based on monitor size. Please visit GIA 4Cs Diamond Carat Weight for more information regarding diamond size.