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We have always relied on tradition when it comes to our way of living. In fact, tradition is seen as the foundation for certain beliefs we still hold onto up to this day. Therefore, some may find it unusual when they hear of other people who turn ashes into diamonds. This is because burial has been the go-to option for families in different cultures and has been practiced for countless generations. There were people who would allot a huge space where all family members will be buried. However, it would seem that this is not always the case.

According to the National Funeral Directors Association, more Americans had their departed loved ones cremated because the cremation rate (50.2%) has exceeded burial rates (43.5%). The association has predicted a 63.8% cremation rate in 2025, and might even balloon to 78.8% in 2035.

There are certain reasons why cremation is becoming the preferred choice compared to burial. First of all, religious customs are not as closely followed as it was back then, and people in the modern generation choose to identify themselves as “spiritual” rather than “religious.” Cremation services are cheaper and simpler than burial services, which makes it favorable to people who want to minimize funeral costs and avoid too much fuss regarding funeral services.

Being away from home is another factor in cremation preference. Handling cremated ashes makes things easier and more convenient when you are constantly traveling than worrying about where your loved one will be buried. The lack of burial spaces makes cremation a more practical option.

Different ways of transforming ashes


Once our loved ones are cremated, we are left wondering on what we can do with their cremated ashes. Do we keep them as is, or do we veer towards other alternative suggestions? Here are some ideas:

  • Turn ashes into trees. – Most people consider this to be one of the most environment-friendly options out there. Your loved one’s ashes are placed in a biodegradable cremation urn with soil and the seed of your choice.
  • Turn ashes into a reef. – The ashes of your loved one are mixed with concrete and designed as a reef. This will be brought to underwater to provide homes for sea animals whose natural habitat is being destroyed by unethical fishing practices.
  • Turn ashes into fireworks. – You can have a special event scheduled and invite your family and friends. In this way, all of you can watch your loved one become a breathtaking fireworks display.
  • Turn ashes into a painting. – The ashes of your loved one is mixed with coloring materials to make a painting. The kind of painting you want to have is your choice, whether you want to have the image of your loved one or a favorite place you often spent time together.
  • Turn ashes into a vinyl record. – The ashes of your loved one can be pressed into a vinyl record. You can select your favorite songs, write or sing those songs, or even leave heartfelt messages to your deceased loved one. The artwork design is entirely up to you.  You can choose a picture that has a special meaning to you, make your own design or let someone do it for you.
  • Turn ashes into glass. – You can either have the ashes turned into a glass vase, glass paperweight, or stained glass. Some can be made from recycled glass such as previously used beer or wine bottles and other containers. The ashes will be mixed with molten glass and designed in the way you like.
  • Turn ashes into crystals. – This practice is done through a patented crystal production process. Then, your loved one’s ashes are infused into the crystal. You can have it loose or mounted onto cremation jewelry.
  • Turn ashes into jewelry. – Jewelry is often worn for various reasons, and this includes being in the presence of a departed loved one. There are different types of cremation urn jewelry available in the market, and these usually hold only a small amount of ashes. This practice of turning cremated ashes into jewelry (mourning jewelry) started in the 1600s, but it was popularized by Queen Victoria when she lost her husband, Prince Albert. Turning pet ashes into jewelry is also practiced and has been done more often in the modern times.
    • Turn ashes into rings. – In the olden times, ashes and hair are placed inside rings with varying designs. Some even have miniature paintings of weeping willows, urns, lilies of the valley, or ships. This is still being done but updated with more modern designs.
    • Turn ashes into necklaces. – Turning ashes into lockets is another type of jewelry people choose. Cremation urn necklaces are offered at affordable prices. The designs can range from a simple urn to more elaborate shapes. People like to turn ashes into necklaces because they are worn close to the heart.
    • Turn ashes into earrings. – You can have the ashes turned into a pair of earrings. However, classic and streamlined designs are preferred instead of large, ornate shapes.
    • Turn ashes into bracelets. – Turning ashes into bracelets is one of the other choices when turning ashes into jewelry. Cremation bracelets will suit any occasion, and its round shape is associated with eternal love.
  • Turn ashes into diamonds. – Turning ashes into gems is a unique way of commemorating the life of your departed loved one. These are called cremation diamonds, and they come in different colors and carat weights.

How are cremation diamonds made?


Experiments conducted on ashes made into diamonds started in the 2000s. From then on, numerous improvements have been made on the process and quality of ashes made into diamonds.

Now that this idea of turning human ashes into diamonds is becoming more acceptable, what are the important steps taken to turn ashes into diamonds?

How to turn cremains into diamonds


EverDear & Co. is dedicated to turning ashes into diamonds at the best price. We apply three main steps in transforming human ashes into diamonds. Here are the following steps:

  • Carbon will be extracted from the ashes turned into diamonds.
  • Ashes will be made into diamonds through a belt press.
  • The ashes turned into diamonds will be cut and polished.

If you prefer, you can also turn hair into diamonds. The steps mentioned above will still be applied to make a cremation diamond.

Ashes turned into diamonds will go through carbon extraction


To turn ashes into diamonds, carbon must first be extracted from the ashes and/or hair. Both ashes and hair can be turned into cremation diamonds. We require 100 grams of cremated ashes so they can be transformed into diamonds. On the other hand, 2 grams are necessary to turn hair into diamonds.

The ashes and hair are subjected to extreme heat in a vacuum environment. Afterwards, they are purified by hand. There are variations on the purification process depending on the type of color you want your ashes turned into diamonds to be. The unique chemical composition of the ashes can also affect the color in turning ashes into diamonds.  

The colors of ashes turned into diamonds


When we turn ashes into diamonds, the natural color that comes out is yellow. This is due to the nitrogen content we have in our bodies. However, our experts can alter it into other colors when the ashes are turned into diamonds. The ashes turned into diamonds can be purified of its nitrogen content. This will leave out boron, and turning ashes into diamonds will have a vibrant blue color. If your choice is to have the most classic and timeless look when we turn ashes into diamonds, the cremains will go through the most extensive purification treatments so you can have colorless cremation diamonds.

HPHT technology makes it possible to transform cremated ashes into diamonds.


Carbon is exposed to high pressure and high temperature (HPHT) when natural diamonds are formed under the Earth. The same process happens when we turn ashes into a diamond. But instead of natural causes, a belt press is designed to mimic the environment where natural diamonds are created. At the bottom of this belt press, a diamond seed is placed in its inner core cube. It is set to extremely high temperature (over 2,000 degrees Celsius). This will result to the melting of the catalyst metal and will dissolve the carbon source. This is transported to the diamond seed and crystallized. From this process, we are able to produce a raw cremation diamond.

Ashes turned into diamonds will be cut and polished.


Once the cremation diamond is brought out of the belt press, it is still raw and uncut. To showcase its best characteristics, the cremation diamond has to be cut and polished. Artisans from EverDear & Co. will design the main facets when turning cremated ashes into diamonds. Other diamond experts also call this as the placing of the crosswork. This is required to display the high clarity, maximum weight, and the best angles when the ashes are turned into diamonds.

After the process of making the initial crosswork, these facets have to be polished. The final facets are smoothed after polishing the main facets. We use advanced technology and the most sophisticated tools when we turn ashes to diamonds. In this way, we are able to give the best services when ashes are made into diamonds.

Is it possible to turn pet ashes into diamonds?


Turning pet ashes into diamonds is possible regardless of the type of animal you have. The same process (carbon refinement, cremation diamond formation, and cutting and polishing stage) is used, and the same amount of pet ashes or hair is necessary (100 grams of pet ashes or 2 grams of hair).

How long does it take to turn ashes into diamonds?


Yellow cremation diamonds take the shortest time to make, with only five to six months production time. Blue and colorless cremation diamonds take about seven to ten months to be produced.

How much does it cost to turn ashes into diamonds?


Normally, the cost to turn cremated ashes into diamonds may vary depending on the cremation diamond producer. European cremation diamond producers tend to be more expensive and the ashes into diamonds prices may reach tens of thousands. Making ashes into diamonds in the UK and Switzerland are most commonly done. This may be a questionable option for people who want to do something else apart from traditional funeral options, but are tight on the budget. The human ashes into diamonds cost may also be affected by the color, carat weight, type of cut, clarity, and the location of the customer. Shipping costs can increase the cremated ashes into diamonds cost.

Ashes into diamonds – USA and Canada


When making ashes into diamonds in the UK and other European countries, they tend to include luxury as a selling factor. This is why the turning of ashes into diamonds cost in the USA is cheaper than other cremation diamond producers. Our aim is to bring you comfort and happiness after the loss of loved ones without asking for exorbitant prices.

The practice of turning ashes into diamonds in the U.S. and Canada is embraced more because these countries often have less traditional beliefs compared to Asian and South American countries. They are more open to alternative concepts on paying respects to deceased loved ones.

Are cremation diamonds cheap because they are of poor quality?


Most people would think that expensive cremation diamonds mean high quality goods and vice versa, but this not apply to all products and services.

At EverDear & Co., our ashes to diamonds cost starts at only $495, and is considerably more affordable than other cremation diamond companies. We are able to manage this because we use the latest technology in turning cremated ashes into diamonds. The fact that we do not have any third party mediators or other affiliates mean that you can save a lot of money since commissions are not added to the cremation diamonds cost. We can assure you that the only way to contact us is through the information posted on our website.    

We also offer free shipping worldwide because we firmly believe that your geographical location does not have to be a hindrance in eternalizing the memories of your loved one.

Why turn ashes into diamonds?


Why do people choose to turn ashes into diamonds? Here are some reasons why:

  • Turning ashes into diamonds is a way of honoring departed loved ones. – This enables us to give a remarkable tribute to our loved ones. As much as possible, we want to do something special and that which suits your loved one’s personality.
  • Turning ashes into diamonds allows you to preserve memories forever. – We know the saying, “diamonds are forever.” Memories of our loved ones will last forever too when you turn their ashes into cremation diamonds.
  • Turning ashes into diamonds reduces funeral costs. – With the rising expenses on basic needs like food, clothing, and shelter, the reduction of funeral costs is a big help to people. Turning ashes into diamonds is cheaper because there are less necessary services you have to avail of.
  • Turning ashes into diamonds is a more flexible option. – When your loved one is buried in a cemetery far away from you, it can be difficult to travel especially during November (where many people travel from different places as well). Traffic and unpredictable weather conditions are a downside if you want to have the ashes of your loved one kept in a place that is quite far from you. When you decide to turn human ashes into diamonds, you don’t have to stress about these matters.
  • Turning ashes into diamonds is simpler to process. – When we are in the process of grieving, you do not want your mind to be filled with other thoughts like the complicated matters of dealing with funeral services. In a burial service, you have to choose the type of casket to be used, the type of funeral ceremony (depending on religious customs), where the burial plot will be, the design of the headstone, and many other things. These things can be avoided if you turn your loved one’s ashes into diamonds.
  • Turning ashes into diamonds can be personalized. – The more personalized a method of saying goodbye is, the more special it is for us. Before the ashes are made into diamonds, you can choose your desired color and number of carats. In this way, you are able to select which cremation diamond will best remind you of your loved one.
  • Turning ashes into diamonds gives you the chance to always be with your loved one. – This method enables you to be always in the presence of your loved one. You can share new experiences together because you can bring your loved one with you wherever you go. When you turn the ashes into cremation diamonds, these can be left loose or mounted on cremation jewelry. You can view EverDear & Co.’s cremation jewelry designs through our website.

Are cremation diamonds real?


Cremation diamonds are real diamonds. They are similar to natural diamonds, except that natural diamonds do not carry the sentimental value compared to ashes made into diamonds. Both types of diamonds are made of organized carbon. Turning ashes into diamonds involves high pressure and high temperature (HPHT), which is the same for natural diamonds.

Natural diamonds take billions of years to be created while turning ashes into diamonds only takes place in a span of months. Both diamonds have the same characteristics and properties.

These ashes made into diamonds are more environment-friendly because they are done inside laboratories. In acquiring natural diamonds, most companies have done unethical mining practices that do not only destroy communities through man-made disasters; they also put the lives of the people in danger due to the hazardous chemicals contained in these explosives.

To assure you of the authenticity of EverDear & Co.’s cremation diamonds, we allow these diamonds to be certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the International Gemological Institute (IGI).

When we turn ashes into diamonds, we transform our memories of them into something beautiful and eternal.


Changing traditional beliefs has led to people being more open to other options in celebrating the life of their departed loved ones.

One of these options includes turning ashes into diamonds. This process involves refining the carbon from ashes and hair, subjecting it to high pressure and high temperature (HPHT), and cutting and polishing the cremation diamond.

Changing ashes into diamonds is as genuine as the formation of natural diamonds. This process also brings us certain advantages; the most important is having them close to us whenever we want.

Order from EverDear & Co. and your departed loved one will be encapsulated into a brilliant cremation diamond.