ashes to diamond

Carbon Refinement

Cremation diamonds are made of carbon extracted from life elements. To create a cremation diamond from human ashes or hair at jewelry standard, the carbon in cremated remains have to be purified to an extremely high level of purity.

At the EverDear & Co. laboratory, hair is processed by heat in a vacuum environment while ashes are purified by hand through a refinement process. The carbon content in everyone’s hair or ashes is different, so the process and results are unique for each order.

ashes to diamond

HPHT Transformation

Natural diamonds are formed in underground High Pressure and High Temperature (HPHT) environments. A High Pressure, High Temperature press is used to simulate a natural environment for turning the refined carbon from ashes into a cremation diamond.

A diamond seed is prepared and placed at the bottom of the press’ inner core cube. The interior of the press is heated to over 2000°C, melting the catalyst metal. The molten catalyst metal dissolves the high-purity personal carbon source, which is then transported to the small diamond seed and crystallised. A cremation diamond is born and starts to grow like a shining star.

ashes to diamond


The Cremation Diamonds are polished by our expert Artisans. First, the cremation diamond undergoes crosswork wherein the main facets are placed on the diamond. This is done to ensure maximum weight, clarity and best angles for the specific shape of diamond. After initial crossworking is complete, the diamond is finalized by smoothing the main facets. […]