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When we say our goodbye to a departed loved one, we can choose to have the body buried or cremated. Due to various reasons, cremation is becoming a more common choice for families.
Funeral services are either a burial service or a cremation service. Even though burial is a more traditional option and has been used since the ancient times, cremation rates have been steadily rising. In fact, the National Funeral Directors Association reports that cremation rates have surpassed burial rates in the United States as of 2015. 47.9% of Americans had their departed loved ones cremated as opposed to the 45.2% who had them buried. Read more below for a comprehensive cremated ashes guide.

Anatole France, a French poet and novelist, declared that “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” This statement is something that pet owners will certainly agree with.

Pets are a huge part of people’s lives. Some even consider them as family members. Pastimes with our furry friends can include playing Frisbee or curling up on a sofa while they are playing with yarn on our feet. There are times when we feel sad and our pets are the only ones who seem to understand us. They don’t even have to speak; their mere presence can comfort us.

Unfortunately, most people often underestimate the grief pet owners experience when a lovable pet passes away. They fail to realize that some pet owners even consider their pets as their best friends.

How is pet cremation done?


Pet cremation can be done either in a standard crematory or a special pet crematory. The pet’s body is placed inside a cremation chamber with a temperature of 1,400 to 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit.

Metal objects are removed once the body has transformed to ashes. The pet ashes are then ground into fine powder, although there may be larger bone fragments in the pet cremains. The color ranges from pale white to gray; this may also depend on the animal’s health condition. The pet ashes are placed in a plastic bag, box, or any other suitable container and sent back to the pet owner.

How long is the pet cremation process?

Cremating smaller animals such as birds, hamsters, rabbits, and rodents take only about 30 minutes to 45 minutes while cremating larger animals like horses may take hours. Additional expenses may also be incurred with longer cremation hours. However, a rough estimate time for cremating animals is 45 minutes to 2 hours.

Pet cremation: private vs communal


Pet owners also have the option of having a private or communal cremation for their pets. In a private pet cremation (also known as individual pet cremation), the pet’s body is cremated solely inside the cremation chamber. This practice is a more expensive alternative.

If the pet owner has decided on a communal pet cremation, the pet’s body will be cremated along with other animal bodies. They can also choose a communal but partitioned pet cremation, wherein the pet’s body is separated from the bodies of other dead animals through bricks or any other physical barrier.

When the pet cremation process is finished, the cremating facility will have the ashes sent back to the pet owner. A certificate of cremation will be given to the pet owner. It indicates the following information:

  • pet’s name
  • the owner/s name
  • name and address of the crematory
  • date of cremation
  • type of cremation (private or communal cremation)
  • cremation ID number

Pet cremation cost


The pet cremation cost varies depending on the type of animal, the pet’s total body weight, type of pet cremation, and your location. Among all the factors mentioned, the type of pet cremation service has the greatest effect on the price.

  • The average pet cremation cost ranges from $50 to $150.
  • An individual pet cremation cost has a price bracket of $100 to $200.
  • A communal pet cremation has a price bracket of $30 to $70.

Dog cremation is the most common among all types of pet cremation services. For example, a dog weighing 80 pounds would have the following dog cremation costs:

  • An individual dog cremation cost has an estimate of $135.
  • A communal dog cremation cost has an estimate of $80.


Additional pet cremation costs


  • Viewing the whole pet cremation process – There are certain pet crematories that charge around $20 to $30 for this special pet cremation service.
  • Picking up the pet remains – There are pet cremation services that offer to pick up the pet remains during weekends or beyond business hours. The cost ranges from $30 up to $45.

What to do with cremated pet ashes?

There are a number of options that pet owners can choose from when deciding what to do with their cremated pet ashes. These include the following:


Storage of cremated pet ashes

The most common choice would be the storage of cremated pet ashes in pet cremation urns.

  • Bury the cremated pet ashes. These pet ashes can be placed in a pet cremation urn or any suitable container and buried in a pet cemetery, the pet owner’s backyard or garden, or in any other preferred location.
  • Store the cremated pet ashes at home or in a columbarium. The pet ashes can be placed inside a pet cremation urn and brought to a columbarium. Other pet owners keep the pet cremation urn containing the pet ashes in their own homes or in a kennel where the pet used to sleep. They are more comfortable with having the cremated remains of their departed pets with them.


How to choose the right pet cremation urn

There are a number of pet urns available in the market. This can make the process of choosing the perfect pet cremation urn seem overwhelming, but we have a guide on the things to look for in a pet cremation urn.

  • Size of the pet cremation urn – When looking for the right size, you have to take into consideration the size of your pet. It is normal to make allowances for the size of the pet cremation urn if you do not want to completely fill it up with pet ashes. To select the proper size of a pet cremation urn, the standard rule is to have one cubic inch of space for every pound of your pet’s total weight. This would mean the following:

Pet urns with a size of 25 cubic inches or more will suit a pet weighing 25 pounds.

Pet urns with a size of 50 cubic inches or more will suit a pet weighing 50 pounds.

Pet urns with a size of 75 cubic inches or more will suit a pet weighing 75 pounds.

Pet urns with a size of 100 cubic inches or more will suit a pet weighing 100 pounds.

  • Quality of the pet cremation urn – Pet urns varnished with lacquer are preferable because the coating will serve as protection from harmful elements. You will want to have a durable pet urn since it will hold your pet’s cremated ashes.
  • Theme/Type of pet cremation urn – Pick a pet urn that best embodies your beloved pet’s attitude. There are pet urns that allow the framing of your pet’s photo. Some pet urns have engraved paw prints as designs. This will suit you if you are looking for dog cremation urns or pet urns for cats.
  • Material of the pet cremation urn – Pet urns come in a variety of materials, ranging from copper, marble, porcelain, to steel. It must be noted that the place of storage will help in determining the right material for your pet cremation urn. For example, it would not be advisable to purchase a wooden pet urn if you will display the pet urn outdoors.
  • Price of the pet cremation urn – There are diverse options for cheap pet urns. You can browse them online.


Scattering of cremated pet ashes

There are people who believe that disposing of their pet ashes is a unique way of paying tribute to them.

  • a garden/backyard – Your pet might have enjoyed playing with you in your garden.
  • a favorite place – Most pet owners usually choose locations that have a special meaning to both the pet owner and the deceased pet. You can scatter pet ashes in the park where you used to walk your dog, a pond, or any other symbolic spot.
  • to outer space – You can honor your furry best friend by disposing the cremated pet ashes is through launching them into space. This is more expensive than other available choices.

Out-of-the-box options for cremated pet ashes


We have compiled a list of unconventional ways to pay tribute to our pets.

  • Include the cremated pet ashes in a painting. A creative alternative would be using pet ashes to make a painting. The pet owner can select what picture will be painted (most likely an image of the deceased pet), and the pet ashes will be mixed with the coloring materials used to make the painting.
    • Place the cremated pet ashes in an hourglass. Some have been taken to keeping their pet ashes in an hourglass. It may not be a reliable timepiece, but this can show that you cherish every single moment with your pet, and that you always remember the fun times you spent together.
    • Infuse the cremated pet ashes into glass. You can have the pet ashes turned into a glass paperweight, a glass vase, or a beautiful piece of stained glass. Your glass paperweight can be used when you are working and need to hold files in place. The glass vase can be used to hold flowers or serve as a focal point in your coffee table while the stained glass can be hung in your living room or by your bedroom window.
    • Place the cremated pet ashes in helium balloons. The pet ashes will be placed inside helium balloons. These will float up into the sky and reach a height of five miles. After that, the balloons will crystalize and burst. This can symbolize your pet’s presence in heaven.

  • Turn the cremated pet ashes into fireworks. Your pet’s ashes can become a stunning fireworks display. This is a fitting tribute, as this can mean a celebration of the life your pet had while lighting up the sky.
    • Place the cremated pet ashes inside a teddy bear. You can still embrace your pet by placing the pet ashes inside a small container and storing it inside a teddy bear of your choice.
    • Transform the cremated pet ashes to a tree. Nature-loving pet owners can also have their pet ashes transformed into a “living tree”. They can pick the type of tree they would like to have (e.g. oak, pine, maple, etc.) while the pet ashes will be placed in a biodegradable urn and used to nourish the tree. The process chosen largely depends upon the pet owner’s personal taste.
    • Transform the cremated pet ashes into a reef. Making a reef out of pet ashes is a nice way to honor your pet. This can help prolong the lives of sea animals since it provides them a habitat. The ashes will be mixed with concrete and can be personalized by family members.
    • Change the cremated pet ashes into jewelry. These pet ashes can also be placed inside gemstones and serve as keepsakes.

  • Turn cremated pet ashes into diamonds. These are called pet cremation diamonds or pet memorial diamonds. Making these diamonds from ashes is a unique way of celebrating the wonderful memories we had with our lovable pets.

Deciding which option to take is understandably difficult, but all pet owners can agree that it must be something which will mean so much and will make them remember the friendship they built with their pets.

EverDear & Co. can transform pet ashes to diamonds!


EverDear & Co., a US-based cremation diamond producer, values your pets just like any other human being. We understand that the joy our pets bring us is something both immeasurable and priceless. This service is not just limited to a particular set of animals. Whether you have a loyal dog, a playful cat, a carefree rabbit, an adorable hamster, or a dependable horse, your pet can be transformed into a stunning pet cremation diamond! However, the most popular choices would be changing dog ashes to diamonds, followed by turning cat ashes to diamonds.

EverDear’s pet cremation diamonds come in three brilliant colors: yellow or “Golden Star”, blue or “Azure Serenity”, and colorless or “Immaculate Soul.” The “Golden Star” can remind you of the joy your pet brings while “Azure Serenity” can symbolize your pet’s loyalty. On the other hand, the “Immaculate Soul” can show the innocence and purity your charming pet possesses. Who knew that turning pet ashes to diamonds can be customized too?

Cremation jewelry for pets

There is a quote that says “Every piece of jewelry tells a story.” Pet owners can finally stay true to that passage by having memorial diamonds and changing them into pet cremation jewelry. EverDear provides a variety of timeless pet cremation jewelry designs to choose from such as earrings, rings, pendants, and bracelets. These pieces of pet cremation jewelry can be worn on both special occasions such as your pet’s birthday or death anniversary, and regular days where you just want to reminisce on the comfort your pet can bring.

Transforming pet ashes into diamonds

EverDear uses a sophisticated technique in making diamonds from ashes. We follow 3 steps in the pet cremation diamond production.

  • Carbon refinement
  • Cremation diamond formation
  • Cutting and polishing the pet cremation diamond


To turn pet ashes into diamonds is a remarkable act…

The love and security our pets bring us is truly irreplaceable. No matter what we do, nothing can substitute the fascinating experiences we had with them. Their memories will always be with us, and making pet cremation diamonds out of their ashes will make it even more extraordinary. Pet cremation diamonds add sentimental value because they are not just made for aesthetic purposes; it is also a striking way of holding on to our pets. They can either be worn as memorial jewelry or kept in a special place in your home.

You can start commemorating the life of your pet by placing an order from EverDear & Co. We know that in honoring our pets, only the best will do.