EverDear & Co. aims to make the ashes to diamonds process affordable to everyone. We believe in offering quality memorial diamonds at the best and most affordable price in the market. Everyone deserves the chance to remember their loved ones as the diamond that they truly were. We guarantee that the price of our memorial diamonds is the lowest in the market. In order to offer this price to you we focus solely on the essential processes of turning ashes into diamonds. Thus, we DO NOT provide any tailored or additional services unless specifically mentioned in our website or promotional material.

EverDear & Co. delivers the best priced memorial diamonds in the market by removing unnecessary sales process and additional branding and marketing. We focus on the ashes to diamonds production process, thus we offer less customization. All we want is to give customers is an affordable and simpler solution for making cremation diamonds. The cost we saved is beneficial to customers.

Limited Level of Service

We decrease our prices by reducing staff unnecessary to the actual ashes to diamonds process such as receptionists, salespeople, and phone operators. All your payments go to the production of your cremation diamonds.

  • We do not provide 24/7 customer care.
  • Emails will be replied to within 48 hours on working days.
  • Any requested call-backs will be provided by our office staff within 48 hours on working days.
  • No walk-in services are provided at our office location.