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What is a Memorial Diamond or Cremation Diamond?

Why make a diamond out of ashes?

The EverDear & Co. Memorial Diamond is the ultimate memorial jewellery infused with the memory of a loved one. Created from ashes, it provides years of comfort and remembrance. Now, that special person can be with you always, wherever you are in the world.

As a commemoration of the dearly departed, our memorial diamond serves as an enduring memento. Just take one glance to feel the warmth of your fondest memories. Your loved one will be close by, encapsulated in the beauty and strength of your Memorial Diamond.

A Memorial Diamond is all about love. Through time and pressure, something beautiful is created from simple materials. It is a testament of commitment and focus. The cost to turn ashes into diamonds is nothing compared to the eternity of remembrance a diamond made from human ashes represents.

A special remembrance of your beloved

How is it possible?

Diamonds setting process

Whereas natural diamonds are mined and require high temperatures and pressure underground, EverDear & Co. Memorial Diamonds are created from the ashes or hair of your loved one. By recreating the necessary variables in the lab to form these precious jewels, stunning diamonds are cultivated without the negative aspects and environmental degradation associated with natural diamonds. The cost to turn ashes into diamonds reflects the complexity and length of the process and the care we take. Beginning with cremation ashes or a lock of hair, every sample is expertly prepared to ensure the highest quality. The carbon is extracted, purified and then placed inside a High Pressure, High Temperature (HPHT) press. After being heated to over 2000°C and submitted to immense pressure, a Memorial Diamond emerges from the carbon purified from ashes, serving as a perfect homage to your loved one.

What is the process to make a memorial diamond?

Turning human ashes into diamonds occurs over three stages: carbon separation, carbon refinement, and HPHT diamond crystallisation. Each step is meticulously performed to ensure the utmost quality and is the major factor in the cost to turn ashes into diamonds.

During the first stage, a carbon sample is extracted from cremation ashes or a lock of hair.

The carbon is then purified and graphitised. From here, it is placed in an HPHT press to form what is known as a diamond seed. From this seed, a new diamond will sprout.

The diamond seed is inserted into an HPHT press, where the final metamorphosis takes place. The carbon begins to crystallise around the seed, growing atom by atom into a beautiful diamond. Once the transformation is complete, the diamond made from human ashes is cut and polished, ready to be worn and cherished for years to come.

Advanced equipment