How Much Do Cremation Diamonds Cost?

The death of a loved one is a difficult thing to face. We experience emotional stress because we have to go on with our lives without that person anymore.

The rise of funeral costs is another problem people in mourning often face. We still have to worry on other important things such as the funeral arrangements (whether cremation or burial), funeral costs, and other important things. Most people would often feel like they cannot grieve in peace because there are so many things to be done.

Unfortunately, there has been a 28.6% increase in the median adult funeral costs from 2004 up to 2014, according to statistics from the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA). The Bureau of Labor Statistics has also released a report stating that the price index for funerals has also increased to almost twice as much as prices of commodities.

Which is better? Cremation vs burial


We have two choices when it comes to the disposal of our loved one’s bodies – cremation or burial. Even though burial is the traditional option and has been done for thousands of years, cremation is not left behind.

There are different factors that made people choose cremation over burial. There are religions that have allowed cremation to be performed, even though it was previously not accepted. Some also see cremation as a more convenient way to dispose of the remains of their loved ones because they can bring the cremation ashes wherever they go. They normally prefer this compared to visiting the cemetery only on selected days such as All Saint’s day or death anniversaries.

Another important reason would be the costs incurred for the funeral. Cremation costs are cheaper than burial costs because there are fewer products required for the process to take place. To further minimize costs, some families choose to have a direct cremation (no open viewing).

Also, the products needed for burial services such as the burial plot, headstones or grave markers, grave liners, and grave installation will not be needed if the body will be cremated. These burial expenses can be avoided too.

Cremation is also a more flexible option because you can do different things with the cremated ashes when paying tribute to your loved ones. Some families would like to scatter the cremation ashes in a place that has a significant meaning to them. On the other hand, there are people who would like to do something creative with their loved one’s ashes. These include turning the cremation ashes into a tree or infusing the ashes into a painting.

Click on the things to do with cremated ashes section for more ideas.


EverDear & Co. can make cremation diamonds from ashes.


You may have heard of different ways you can do with the cremation ashes of your departed loved ones, and one of these unconventional but extraordinary ways was to turn your loved one’s cremation ashes into diamonds.

This may seem like an unusual idea since we are more accustomed to placing the cremated ashes in a cremation urn and keeping it in a columbarium or at home. Read below to find out more on how cremation diamonds are created and the 4Cs for diamond grading.

How are cremation diamonds from ashes made?


  • Carbon extraction and refinement of cremation ashes
  • Formation of cremation diamonds from ashes
  • Cutting and polishing of cremation diamonds from ashes

EverDear & Co. will subject the cremated ashes to extreme heat in a vacuum environment for carbon extraction and refinement. After that, a diamond seed will be placed inside the inner core cube of a belt press and set to a temperature of more than 2,000 degrees Celsius. Once the cremation diamonds are formed, these will be cut and polished to bring out the best angles.  

How much cremation ashes and/or hair are required to make one cremation diamond?


EverDear & Co. will need 100 grams of cremation ashes to make one cremation diamond. On the other hand, 2 grams of hair will be required if you would like to have diamonds made from hair of your loved ones. If you would like to have a combination of cremation ashes and hair, you will have to send us 50 grams of cremation ashes and 1 gram of hair to produce one cremation diamond.

The 4Cs of EverDear & Co.’s diamonds from cremation ashes


The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) made an international standard to describe diamonds. This is known as the 4Cs and is being used worldwide. This helps people look for the right qualities to look for when purchasing diamonds.

Here are the 4Cs used in diamond grading, namely the color, carat weight, cut, and clarity.

Colors of cremation diamonds from ashes


Unlike natural diamonds, cremation diamonds from ashes with more vibrant colors are more expensive than their colorless counterparts. This is due to the extensive purification processes done to cremation diamonds.

EverDear & Co. has three colors for your diamonds from cremation ashes. We have yellow, blue, and colorless cremation diamonds from the ashes of your loved ones. This is one way of letting you personalize this piece of memorial.

EverDear & Co.’s yellow cremation diamonds are called the Golden Star. These have the cheapest prices and take the shortest to be produced at only five to six months. This is due to the presence of nitrogen in cremated ashes. This color would be perfect for you if you would like to think of your beloved as a star that will guide you and always will be there for you.

Blue is the second color we have when turning cremation ashes into diamonds, called Azure Serenity. This takes slightly longer to be made compared to yellow cremation diamonds from ashes, at seven to ten months. In this process, the nitrogen content from the cremated ashes is removed and the element boron remains. Boron is responsible for the blue hue for these diamonds. This same element can also be found in the stars.

EverDear & Co. has three colors for cremation diamonds from ashes.
EverDear & Co. has three colors for cremation diamonds from ashes. These are called Azure Serenity (blue), Golden Star (yellow), and Immaculate Soul (colorless).

Last but not the least, we have colorless cremation diamonds from ashes called the Immaculate Soul. This is the most expensive range when turning ashes into cremation diamonds. This shade for diamonds from cremation ashes takes seven to ten months to be made, just like blue cremation diamonds.

Colorless cremation diamonds from ashes are often preferred because they have the most timeless look among all diamond colors. They can be paired with any outfit or any type of jewelry design. EverDear & Co.’s colorless diamonds from cremation ashes are also the most expensive because the ashes will have to go through the most extensive purification process.

Carat weight of cremation diamonds from ashes

The carat weight is another important part in diamond grading. This is used to measure the mass of a gemstone. According to the GIA, one metric carat is equivalent to 200 milligrams. The higher the carat weight of a diamond, the more valuable it is.

You can choose from EverDear & Co.’s carat weight lineup from 0.03 carats up to 0.69 carats.

Cut of cremation diamonds from ashes


There are different types of cuts for gemstones, but our artisans recommend the round cut for our cremation diamonds from ashes. This type of cut has 58 facets, and is capable of reflecting the most light. Even if your cremation diamonds have a low carat weight and dull color, the brilliance of your gemstone will be retained. This is a classical type of cut and would good on any type of cremation jewelry.

You can click on the whole process to create brilliant diamonds from ashes for more information on the types of cuts for diamonds.

Clarity of cremation diamonds from ashes


The GIA has a diamond grading scale on quality. This scale ranges from the ones with most visible inclusions or the I (Included) classification up to the FL (Flawless) category, where imperfections are barely visible even with extreme magnification.

Because we prioritize high quality products and services for our customers, most of EverDear & Co.’s cremation diamonds from ashes are in the Very Slightly Included (VS) and Very, Very Slightly Included (VVS) range. These classifications mean that our diamonds from cremation ashes only have small inclusions and blemishes. These can only be viewed through magnification.

EverDear & Co.’s cremation diamonds cost


Most people think that they could not afford to turn the cremation ashes of their departed loved ones into cremation diamonds because we think diamonds are costly purchases.

While it is true that natural diamonds are expensive (because of the numerous resources used to mine them), it is not the case for cremation diamonds.

The cost of cremation diamonds from ashes is more affordable than having a regular funeral service.


If you decide to proceed with a traditional burial, the projected funeral costs in the USA are estimated to be more than $11,200 by 2020. This is based on a 3.43% inflation rate, and has the possibility to increase even more. This may also vary depending on your location. There are states which have higher rates for burial and cremation services while some have relatively lower prices.

You don’t have to worry about these kinds of expenses with EverDear & Co. Our cremation diamonds have the lowest prices because we have a price match guarantee for our services. We also offer free shipping worldwide because we believe that memorializing the people you care about should have no boundaries. This is an attractive option for those on a budget instead of having a burial service.

You can click on our estimated funeral costs in the USA section for more information.

Transforming cremation ashes to diamonds costs less than natural diamonds.


Natural diamonds are one of the most valuable gemstones in the world, so it is understandable that people will automatically think of the same thing with cremation diamonds from ashes. However, cremation diamonds cost less than natural diamonds because there are less resources needed to make them.

Instead of using an array of toxic chemicals and explosives to mine natural diamonds, cremation diamonds are made in a regulated laboratory. There are no miners needed because making these diamonds from cremation ashes is a scientific process.

This means that you can have a stunning cremation diamond made from your loved one without the steep price. At the same time, this cremation diamond is valuable not because of how much it costs, but because it was especially made from the cremains of your deceased loved one.

EverDear & Co.’s cremation diamond prices are also lower than other cremation diamond companies. Our cremation diamonds cost start at only $495, the best and most competitive price in the market.

This was made possible due to our newest, state-of-the-art technology in creating diamonds from ashes. The processes we use are cost-effective, enabling us to produce cremation diamonds at the lowest prices.

Another reason for our low cremation diamonds cost is because we have our own research and production facilities. All of our operational, research, and business activities are done in-house. We do not have to outsource certain materials when producing cremation diamonds from ashes, so you do not need to pay these additional expenses.

We also do not have partnerships or tie-ups with other third-party organizations such as sales agents. As a result, you do not have to pay high cremation diamond prices that will serve as commissions. The transaction takes place only between you and EverDear & Co.

EverDear & Co. would also like to assure you that cheap cremation diamond prices do not mean they are low-quality diamonds. We issue a certificate of authenticity for our cremation diamonds from ashes every time you purchase from us.  In this way, you will know that the cremains of your loved one were used to make the cremation diamonds and that your beloved diamonds are of high quality.

This certifies the following:

  • The carbon source of the cremation diamond
  • The 4Cs for diamond grading (color, carat weight, cut, and clarity)
  • The setting material used

EverDear & Co. has payment and discount plans to make things more convenient and manageable.


With EverDear & Co., you do not have to give the full payment for your cremation diamonds right away! Pay only 50% of the total price after placing an order. The other 50% will only be due once your cremation diamond from your loved one’s cremains is delivered to you.

EverDear & Co. also has the following discount plans for you.

  • 5% discount on the total cremation diamonds cost for orders of two in the same color and size.
  • 5% discount on the total cremation diamonds cost for orders of two or more cremation diamonds in different colors and sizes.
  • 8% discount on the total cremation diamonds cost for orders of three in the same color and size.
  • 10% discount on the total amount for cremation diamonds of four or more in the same color and size.

EverDear & Co. can create cremation jewelry from ashes.


Oftentimes, most of our precious diamonds are displayed on various jewelry designs. Some are simple and can be worn on any event, while some jewelry designs have eye-catching embellishments in different colors.

During the ancient times, people also used to keep a part of their loved ones in mourning jewelry. One of the most well-known personalities to do this was Queen Victoria when her husband, Prince Albert, died from a chronic disease.

Other kinds of mourning jewelry involve the storage of hair, teeth, nails, bones, or even blood into certain types of jewelry such as rings, pendants, bracelets, and brooches. There are even fob watches with an intricate design made from the hair of a departed loved one. Not only were they used to hold on a part of their loved one, these pieces of jewelry were also a reminder that we are all going to die someday (memento mori).

In the modern times, people may consider those things gruesome, so some of them choose to keep the cremated ashes in keepsake urns. This type of cremation urns are containers that can only hold a small amount of ashes. Some even wear them as cremation urn jewelry, typically in the form of cremation urn necklaces.

EverDear & Co. can also turn your cremation diamonds from ashes into cremation jewelry. These are made from materials of the highest quality, gold and platinum. We have several cremation jewelry designs you can choose from.

  • Cremation jewelry rings – Turning the cremated ashes into cremation rings is one of the most popular option among EverDear & Co.’s customers. Rings are often worn to symbolize belongingness to someone. The round shape also indicates everlasting love for that person.
  • Cremation jewelry earrings – Transforming the cremated ashes into a pair of cremation earrings is another option you can take. Wearing a pair of cremation earrings will suit any occasion since our designs are meant to showcase the beauty of diamonds from cremation ashes.
  • Cremation jewelry pendants – Cremation pendants made from the ashes of loved ones are favored by most people, because wearing this kind of cremation jewelry means that your departed loved ones will always be in your heart.
  • Cremation jewelry bracelets – You can also have the cremated ashes of your deceased loved ones turned into cremation bracelets. We have cremation jewelry designs that will never go out of style. Unlike bracelets brimming with decorations such as charm bracelets, EverDear & Co.’s cremation bracelets are meant to highlight the diamonds from cremation ashes.

EverDear & Co.’s cost of cremation diamonds from ashes are the best and most affordable in the cremation diamond industry.


Rising funeral costs are one of our main problems when a loved one passes away. Apart from the sadness we feel, we still have to worry about the funeral expenses we have to pay.

Because of this, cremation is slowly replacing burial is the number one choice when it comes to disposal of our deceased loved ones’ bodies. Cremating bodies is significantly cheaper than burying them. This is also more convenient for people who constantly travel from one place to another as they can bring the cremated ashes with them.

Cremation also allows for flexibility because there are many available options you can do with the cremains of your loved one. One of these choices is to turn the cremation ashes into diamonds.

Just like natural diamonds, cremation diamonds are formed through extreme heat and temperature. The 4Cs (color, carat weight, cut, and clarity) of diamond grading are also applied to determine its quality.

EverDear & Co.’s diamonds from cremation ashes are also cheap and affordable, making them the perfect tribute for your departed loved ones. This is a more practical option compared to holding a traditional burial service. We also have the lowest prices for cremation diamonds from ashes in this industry. After all, we want you to get the best value for your money. We even have discount plans you can avail of if you plan to order two or more cremation diamonds.  

To start the process of ordering EverDear & Co.’s cremation diamonds from ashes, please contact us through our company website or email us at