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Earrings are just some of the countless pieces of jewelry we often wear when going out. They come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. Simple designs are can be worn for work purposes such as meetings or job interviews. On the other hand, ostentatious earrings with multiple gemstones are often worn for parties or other special events.

Most people wear earrings as fashion statements, but they can also be worn as a way to remember lost loved ones. There are people who use hair inside earrings, but other families would like to turn the ashes into earrings. These may be done simply by placing the ashes inside earrings. Still, you can transform the cremated ashes into earrings through technological processes. Read below to find more about earrings.

What are earrings?


Earrings are types of jewelry attached in the ear. These can be worn through a piercing in the earlobe and/or any other external part of the ear.  Earrings are worn by both genders, although these are more common among women.

Earrings can be made from different materials such as metals, and plastic. Beads and precious gemstones may be used as decorations as well. In the past, most earrings were made of wood and bones.

Some earrings are large in size, like hoop earrings and dangling earrings. There are also small earrings such as those with studs and small loops.

History of earrings


The earliest form of body modification (and also one of the most socially acceptable) was done through the piercing of ears. It was done in various cultures around the globe and dates back to early history.

During the Minoan civilization (2000-1600 BCE), hoop earrings were often made of gold, silver, and bronze. Evidences of these hoop earrings can also be seen on the frescoes of Santorini, Greece. Hoop earrings with cone-shaped pendants were also common during the latter part of the Minoan civilization and start of the Mycenaean civilization.

Evidence from artifacts gathered from Persepolis in ancient Persia show that men also wore earrings. There were carved images of the soldiers wearing an earring on the walls of the palace during the Persian Empire.

Howard Carter, a British archaeologist and Egyptologist, noted that Tutankhamun’s ears were perforated although there were no earrings in the wrappings. Still, earrings were found inside the Pharaoh’s tomb. The burial mask’s ears also had holes in them, but these were covered with golden discs.

The clergyman William Harrison states in his 1577 document Description of England that there were gentlemen and courtiers who wore earrings made of gold, pearls, or stones. Earrings were also significant for sailors because a pierced earlobe meant that the person has sailed around the world or crossed the equator.

The Ainu people (indigenous group from Japan and Russia) consider the wearing of earrings is part of their tradition. However, Ainu men were forbidden to wear earrings by the Government of Meiji Japan during the late 19th century. It was also normal for the Turkic people to wear earrings.

Wearing earrings reemerged during the 1950s up to the 1960s, although the practice of piercing ears was done at home. Physicians decided to offer ear piercing services during the mid-1960s. People from the hippie movement and gay communities had their ears pierced as well. Having multiple piercings in the ears became acceptable in America during the 1970s.  

History of cremation earrings


It is not easy to give specific dates on the start of mourning jewelry since some of them may overlap. Still, it is important to make a distinction between Georgian mourning jewelry and Victorian mourning jewelry.

Georgian mourning jewelry had a more pessimistic view since it was based on the concept of memento mori. The idea came from Medieval Christians. The first word memento means “to remember” while the second word mori means “to die.” This is a way of reminding people that they are mortal beings, and that they are all going to die.

The reflection on death can be first traced to Plato’s Phaedo. He said that the right way to practice philosophy is “about nothing else but dying and being dead.”

Christianity also encouraged people to give more thought on the afterlife than focus on earthly pleasures and material things. The remembrance of dying is most prominent during Ash Wednesday. The rites include putting ash on the person’s forehead and saying that “you are from dust and you shall return to dust.”

During the Victorian era, mourning jewelry was made and worn based on the remembrance of a departed loved one. These are often made of hair, bones, and blood of loved ones. The rise of cremation gave bereaved family members a chance to include cremated ashes of their loved ones, resulting to cremation jewelry.

Wearing cremation jewelry such as cremation earrings from ashes of loved ones, cremation pendants, and cremation rings are just some of the customs during the Victorian period. Women who have lost a loved one should wear black clothes for a certain length of time. At times, this even extended to black cremation jewelry.

Jet, a type of gemstone, was used to produce black cremation earrings and other types of cremation jewelry. Queen Victoria had jet attached to her mourning dress when she was grieving the death of her husband, Prince Albert.

Some of these customs may also depend on the person’s gender and status in society. There are times when women (especially widows) were not allowed to socialize with other people until after a particular length of time. Those who do not follow norms will be treated as outcasts.

Types of earrings


There are different types of earrings available in the market. Here are the following classifications:

  • Stud earrings
  • Hoop earrings
    • Huggy earrings
  • Drop earrings
    • Dangle earrings
    • Chandelier earrings
    • Teardrop earrings
  • Barbell earrings

Stud earrings


Stud earrings are one of the simplest and most common types of earrings. These are placed directly on the earlobe. They give the illusion of floating studs because there is no visible point of connection.

Stud earrings are often made from gemstones or other adornments on the narrow end. The post is usually made of metals. A clutch is used to keep the earrings in place. Solitaire diamond earrings are one of the classic designs for stud earrings.

Stud earrings are one of the most versatile types of earrings and can be made in different types of jewelry setting. The prong, bezel, and halo setting are examples of jewelry setting in stud earrings.

Hoop earrings


Hoop earrings have the most similar appearance to rings. They are either circular or semicircular in shape. There is a small, thin wire attached to the hoop earrings and is used to pass through the piercing. There are types of hoop earrings that do not complete the circle, but apply the designs used in stud earrings.

There are hoop earrings embellished with gemstones while some are bare, with only the circular-shaped metal rim.  The bezel and pave setting are common types of jewelry setting for hoop earrings.

Huggy earrings


Huggy earrings are also a form of hoop earrings. They have small hoops that snugly encircle the earlobe. There are different kinds of embellishments for huggy earrings, but some of them have a collection of gemstones set in the earrings.

The bezel and pave setting are the types of jewelry setting often used on huggy earrings.  

Drop earrings


Drop earrings are attached to the earlobe. These usually comprise of a gemstone or any other type of adornment dangling down from a chain, hoop, or an object with a similar purpose. There are various lengths for drop earrings, ranging from short ones to extremely long earrings. Dangle earrings, chandelier earrings, and teardrop earrings belong in this category.

Drop earrings are versatile earrings too because there are different kinds of jewelry settings which can be used. The prong, bezel, halo, pave, and tension setting can all be used for drop earrings.

Dangle earrings


Dangle earrings are a type of drop earrings that sway and dangle below the earlobe. These types of earrings are often filled with gemstones.

Dangle earrings are attached to the ear through the use of bent thin wires. Some dangle earrings simply hang from the earlobe without clutches that keep them in place.

Chandelier earrings


Chandelier earrings are one of the most flamboyant types of earrings. They mimic the design of chandeliers and often are comprised of multi-level pendants. These are often adorned with numerous gemstones.

Some chandelier earrings even brush the shoulders. These are one of the heaviest types of earrings.

Teardrop earrings


This kind of earrings is a form of drop earring in the shape of teardrops. They also vary in length, just like dangle earrings and chandelier earrings.

It can be made of a main gemstone with smaller gemstones surrounding it, or just one gemstone per earring.

Barbell earrings


Barbell earrings have the shape of a barbell because there is a metal post with an orb or piece of gemstone on either end. One end of the orb is in place while the other orb can be detached so that the barbell earring will be placed through the piercing.

The prong, halo, bezel, and pave jewelry settings can be used on barbell earrings.

Types of earring backings


Earring backings or fixtures are used to keep the earrings in place. These are also known as earring clutches. There are five classifications for earring clutches.

  • Push back
  • Screw back
  • Latch back
  • Fish hook
  • Lever back

Push back


The push back style is one of the most common types of earring clutches. This is also called as the butterfly earring back because the clutch is shaped like a butterfly.

It is easy to wear but is not the most secure of all earring clutches since it works only on the basis of friction.

Screw back


The screw back is one of the best earring clutches to keep the earring in place. Some screw back earrings have clutches shaped like a butterfly, which is similar to the push back. The post has a threading and the backing is screwed on the post.

This provides the best type of security for earrings because it is almost impossible for it to be removed without human intervention. The only downside is that it takes slightly more time to put it on.

Latch back


Latch back earrings have hinged clutches to keep them in place. These are most commonly used in hoop earrings. This kind of clutch for earrings is secure, unless the clutch becomes loose over time.

Huggy earrings often have the latch back as an earring clutch.

Fish hook


Fish hook earrings have long, hook-shaped wires that go through the piercing. This kind of earring backing does not have a clutch. Because of this, fish hook earrings are both easy to wear and remove.

Most kinds of drop earrings such as the dangle earrings and chandelier earrings have this type of earring backing.

Lever back


The lever back earring is a variation of the fish hook earring.

This has a lever that completes the hook. As a result, slippage of the hook from the piercing is avoided.

EverDear & Co. makes diamond earrings from cremation ashes.



There was a time when most families would only accept burial as a way to dispose of their departed loved ones’ bodies. Memorializing them was only done through keeping pictures of them and visiting their graves during death anniversaries or other special occasions.

Now that cremation is slowly becoming more preferred by Americans, there have been more flexible options when it comes to their cremains. They can still have the human ashes placed in a columbarium, but these can also be kept at home through the use of cremation urns.

People came up with new ideas to memorialize them as well. Back then, building monuments with their names on was the main option to keep their memories forever. Nowadays, the ashes of your loved ones can be used to make a painting. Some families even choose to turn the cremated ashes into a tree. Another special way to memorialize them is to turn cremation ashes into diamonds.

EverDear & Co. is a USA company that produces cremation diamonds at an affordable price. We are dedicated to making high-quality cremation diamonds because we know how much you value your loved ones. We also believe that celebrating the life of your loved one does not have to be expensive.

We make diamonds from cremation ashes through carbon refinement, mimicking the environment where natural diamonds are created (HPHT or high pressure and high temperature), and the cutting and polishing of diamonds from cremation ashes.

EverDear & Co.’s ashes to diamonds cost


We usually see companies charge their cremation diamonds at high prices. Fortunately, EverDear & Co. goes against the norm by turning ashes to diamonds and making them affordable for you.

Our application of advanced technology has enabled us to have the best prices for cremation diamonds from ashes. There are no additional costs incurred for commissions because we do not have tie-ups with third party-organizations. All transactions are strictly between EverDear & Co. and the customers.

Our cremation ashes to diamonds cost starts at only $495, the most competitive price in the cremation diamond market. This would allow you to honor the memories of your departed loved ones without the financial worries.

Does EverDear & Co. have discount plans if I order more than one cremation diamond from ashes?


EverDear & Co. has the following discount plans for cremation diamonds from ashes to make things easier for you. Your loved ones will be memorialized through these special offers.

  • 5% discount on the total cremation diamonds cost for orders of two in the same colour and size.
  • 5% discount on the total cremation diamonds cost for orders of two or more memorial diamonds in different colours and sizes.
  • 8% discount on the total cremation diamonds cost for orders of three in the same colour and size.
  • 10% discount on the total amount for cremation diamonds of four or more in the same colour and size.

The colors of EverDear & Co.’s cremation diamond earrings


EverDear & Co. has three stunning colors in our cremation diamonds from ashes lineup. These are:

  • Yellow (Golden Star)
  • Blue (Azure Serenity)
  • Colorless (Immaculate Soul)

It should be noted that the chemical composition of your loved one’s ashes and/or hair have a significant effect in producing the color of your cremation diamonds.  

Yellow is the most common color for our cremation diamonds from ashes because of the presence of nitrogen. If you prefer blue cremation diamonds to yellow, we can remove nitrogen from the composition. The blue shade is attributed to boron, an element similarly found in stars. If you would like to have a timeless shade for your cremation diamonds, EverDear & Co. can have the cremation diamonds from ashes subjected to the most extensive purification process to produce colorless diamonds from cremation ashes.

The round cut for EverDear & Co.’s cremation diamond earrings


EverDear & Co. recommends the round cut for our cremation diamond earrings. This type of cut is the best way to show of your cremation diamonds from ashes because it has 58 facets that will allow maximum reflection of light. This will result to more sparkle and brilliance since the round cut brings out the true beauty of your cremation diamonds from ashes.

The clarity of EverDear & Co.’s cremation diamond earrings


Most of EverDear & Co.’s cremation diamonds from ashes have a score of VS (Very Slightly Included) and VVS (Very, Very Slightly Included) in the GIA’s (Gemological Institute of America) diamond grading scale. Diamonds from cremation ashes with these scores are beautifully made because there are only small blemishes and inclusions present. These can be only be viewed once they are magnified.

Whenever you purchase cremation diamonds from EverDear & Co., a certificate of authenticity will always be included. In this way, you are assured that your cremation diamonds from ashes are real. This document certifies the following:

  • The source of carbon for the cremation diamond
  • The 4Cs grading of our cremation diamonds (color, carat weight, cut, clarity)
  • The setting material

Make cremation earrings from ashes.


Once you have your own cremation diamonds from ashes, you have the choice to keep them as they are, or mount them onto cremation jewelry. We have many cremation jewelry designs you can choose from, like our cremation necklaces, cremation rings, and cremation bracelets. However, you can opt to turn your loved one’s cremated ashes to earrings as well.

Gold and platinum, two of the most prized materials in making jewelry, are used to create EverDear & Co.’s earrings made from cremated ashes. Our artisans make cremation jewelry earrings based on designs posted on our website. You can choose which design speaks the most to you and which best reminds you of your departed loved one.

Cremation jewelry earrings prices


Luckily for you, EverDear & Co.’s average price range for our cremation jewelry earrings are only from $800 to $1,200. You get to own high-quality cremation earrings from ashes at reasonable prices. We also offer free shipping worldwide because customer satisfaction is very important to us.

Making cremation earrings from ashes is a heartfelt way to remember a departed loved one.


EverDear & Co. understands the difficulties of losing a loved one. We know that there is no specific time frame for grieving the death of a person we treasure.

Mourning was even more extreme during the Victorian era because people had to wear black all the time and were prohibited from attending social occasions. Violating these customs may result to that person being treated as an outcast.

There are different kinds of cremation jewelry for people to hold on to upon the death of a loved one. One of these is cremation earrings from ashes. Most cremation earrings are large in size to hold the ashes.

Technological advancements have allowed us to make diamonds from cremation ashes. These diamonds can be attached to pieces of jewelry such as cremation earrings from ashes.

EverDear & Co. manages to make cremation earrings from ashes at a friendly price because we use cutting-edge tools that allow us to produce cremation earrings at the lowest price in the market.

Please contact us if you want to know more and avail of cremation diamonds and cremation earrings from ashes of your loved ones.