Memorial Jewellery Diamond Earrings

Nothing quite matches the grace of our memorial diamond earrings. Numerous designs of diamond earrings look great, but they don’t offer the elemental emotional attachment that this type of memorial jewellery possess. Some settings go over the top, with a multitude of gemstones that dazzle and shine. EverDear & Co. turn ashes into diamonds, and our designs of unique memorial jewellery are clean and pure – a tasteful setting adorned with a single diamond. Ornate jewellery has its place, but when it comes to the remembrance of your beloved by turning ashes into jewellery, it’s hard to beat the focus and charm of our memorial diamond earrings.

When turning ashes into jewellery, the bezel setting and three to four-prong settings are great options for memorial diamond earrings. A bezel setting is perfect for active people in need of extra protection. For those looking for a setting that highlights the beauty and brilliance of your diamond, the prong setting is an ideal choice.

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