£ 630

P3968 series starts at £630, below customized settings are available, contact us to get your quotation. The price listed here does not include the price of the diamond.

Available Metal Color:
18K Rose Gold / 18K White Gold / 18K Yellow Gold / Platinum

Available Diamond Size:

0.20 ct (0.15 – 0.24 ct) / 0.30 ct (0.25 – 0.34 ct) / 0.55 ct (0.50 – 0.59 ct) / 1.00 – 1.29 ct


The quotation is subject to change due to the size of the diamond


18K Gold

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Metal Color

14K Rose Gold, 14K White Gold, 14K Yellow Gold, 18K Rose Gold, 18K WhiteGold, 18K Yellow Gold, Platinum


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