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More and more people are availing of cremation service in the United States. In this process, the body is burned with a temperature of more than 760 degrees Celsius, and is reduced to ashes. When these ashes are received by the family, there are different ways in which they can immortalize the life of their loved one. One unique way is to make cremation diamonds from ashes.

Cremation diamonds are diamonds made from the ashes and/or hair of human beings or animals. This is done by extracting the carbon from cremains, exposing it to high pressure and high temperature, and cutting it to a desirable shape. The practice of turning ashes to cremation diamonds is slowly becoming popular. But where did this concept really start?

History of cremation diamonds


Synthetic diamonds in the 1790s – 1920s

The production of synthetic diamonds started when Smithson Tennant, an English chemist, discovered in 1797 that diamonds are made of highly organized carbon. This has led to many attempts to recreate diamonds, most of which were unsuccessful.
The earliest successful attempt in producing synthetic diamonds was made by the Scottish chemist James Ballantyne Hannay in 1879. His procedure involved mixing bone oil, lithium, and paraffin, sealing it in wrought-iron tubes, and subjecting it to temperature of 3,500 degrees Celsius. The second successful attempt was done by Ferdinand Frédéric Henri Moissan, a French chemist, in 1893. He mixed pure carbon and iron in a crucible, placed it in his electric arc furnace, and set it to a temperature estimated to be 4,000 degrees Celsius. He applied great pressure to the mixture by cooling it through a water bath afterwards. The contraction of the molten carbon and iron mixture is the effect produced.

There were many other scientists who tried to recreate their experiments, with mixed results.  The most exhaustive studies on synthetic diamond production was made by Anglo-Irish engineer Sir Charles Algernon Parsons. He worked on the synthetic diamond experiments for forty years by incorporating his own research with the techniques used by Hannay and Moissan. However, an article was published in 1928 by Dr. C. H. Desch wherein Parsons states that no synthetic diamonds were produced up to that date. He said that those diamonds are most likely synthetic spinel, another type of gemstone.


Synthetic diamonds in the 1950s – 1970s


In 1951, the Schenectady group composed of the General Electric (GE), Norton, and Carborundum companies along with Francis Bundy, H. M. Strong, and Howard Tracy Hall. They improved on the diamond anvil cells designed by Percy Bridgman. To squeeze the carbon sample, they used the tungsten carbide anvils in the hydraulic press. The team recorded the diamond synthesis only once, because there were uncertain synthesis conditions which made it unable for them to make the experiments again. Later on, it would be known that the seed they used for the experiment was a natural diamond.

Hall was the first to commercially succeed in creating synthetic diamonds on December 16, 1954. This event was publicized on February 15, 1955. He used graphite and dissolved it with molten nickel, cobalt, and iron in a pyrophyllite container. It was placed in a belt press and exposed to high pressure of more than 10 Gpa (gigapascals) and high temperature of more than 2,000 degrees Celsius. The metals in the composition sped up the process of transforming carbon into a diamond.

In the 1960s, explosives containing carbon were used to make diamond nanocrystals. These were also referred to as detonation nanodiamonds. Some changes were made in this process to produce diamond powder.

Gem-quality synthetic diamonds were produced by GE in the 1970s, and were yellow to brown in color due to nitrogen contamination. Inclusions were also prevalent in these gemstones. There were experiments conducted to remove the nitrogen in the diamonds so different colors can be made (particularly blue and colorless diamonds). Unfortunately, it slowed the process and made low-quality diamonds.


Cremations into diamonds: a revolutionary concept


The idea of transforming cremains into diamonds started in the 2000s. Both ashes and hair can be used in the cremation diamond process. Since this concept was still in the early stages, most cremation diamonds were small and of poor quality. Only blue diamonds can be produced.

Advanced technology has paved the way for improving the quality of cremation diamonds. Further research has resulted to these diamonds from ashes having fewer inclusions. They are currently available in a variety of colors and sizes.


Modern technology and cremation diamonds process


Cremation diamonds exposed to HPHT


There are a number of ways to create cremation diamonds. The most common method is to apply high pressure and high temperature (HPHT) because of lower costs. In this method, a diamond seed is placed at the bottom of large presses. They are used to mimic the high pressure and high temperature normally found in a natural diamond environment.

For example, the New Diamond Laboratory (NDT) in St. Petersburg, Russia produced five large synthetic diamonds using the HPHT process. These were examined by the Hong Kong laboratory of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and all diamonds were verified to have the traits of the HPHT process. These synthetic diamonds are graded VS to VVS (Very Slightly Included or Very, Very Slightly Included) due to small inclusions. In terms of gemological characteristics, these synthetic diamonds are on par with high-quality natural diamonds.


How are cremation diamonds made?


EverDear & Co. uses a sophisticated technique in making cremation diamonds from ashes. There are three main steps in in cremation diamond production.

  • Carbon refinement
  • Cremation diamond formation
  • Cutting and polishing the cremation diamond

The first step is called carbon refinement and is done by subjecting the ashes and/or hair to heat in a vacuum environment. Changing cremains to diamonds also goes through another purification process, which is done by hand.

The second step to turn ashes into diamonds is by placing a diamond seed in the inner core cube of the press and exposing the ashes into a high pressure, high temperature (HPHT) environment. This imitates the process of creating natural diamonds from the Earth’s mantle.

These cremation diamonds will undergo the third and last step, known as the cutting and polishing stage. When these cremation diamonds are removed from the press, EverDear’s experts will design the crosswork, which is also known as the placing of the main facets on cremation diamonds. This process can help ensure that cremation diamonds possess high clarity, maximum weight, and the best angles, depending on the diamond’s shape. Our artisans use the latest tools and innovative technique when transforming cremated ashes into diamonds.


Are cremation diamonds real? Cremation diamonds’ value vs natural diamonds’ value


Cremation diamonds are as real as any natural diamond mined in the Earth’s surface. Both diamonds are made of carbon, but the main difference lies in the source of carbon and the amount of time it takes to create the diamonds.

Natural diamonds are made from the carbon found in the Earth. These diamonds are mined near places where volcanic eruptions took place. On the other hand, the source of carbon for cremation diamonds is the cremains of our loved ones. Both ashes and hair can be used in the cremation diamond production process. Also, the formation of cremation diamonds will take only seven to eleven months, as opposed to natural diamonds which take billions of years.

To guarantee the authenticity of EverDear & Co.’s cremation diamonds, our diamonds can be certified by the Gemological Institute of America (IGA) and the International Gemological Institute (IGI). They will be graded based on 4Cs: color, carat, cut, and clarity.


Why do we choose cremation diamonds?


There are certain reasons why people are choosing to turn their loved one’s ashes into cremation diamonds. Here are some of them.

  • Cremation diamonds can be a form of memorial. One of these is to grieve the death of a family member or a friend. To see their loved one transformed into a beautiful cremation diamond can bring comfort and happiness to the family and friends left behind. Cremation diamonds can serve as a memorial because it is capable of preserving the memory of a departed loved one.
  • Cremation diamonds prices are more affordable. – Having your loved one’s cremated ashes turned into diamonds is cheaper than having a burial service. Funeral costs are getting more expensive annually, and this option allows families to save money when parting ways with a beloved.
  • Cremation diamonds are simpler to process. – Converting the cremains into cremation diamonds is simpler compared to burying the body. In a burial service, you still have to worry over the pallbearers, burial plot, headstone, and other necessary products. To make a cremation diamond, all you have to do is place an order online through the EverDear & Co. website and send 100 grams of cremated ashes or 2 grams of hair.
  • Cremation diamonds are personalized. – The act of transforming cremains into diamonds is personalized, which makes people view it as something more special than other traditional memorial options. You can choose the color and number of carats of your cremation diamond. Also, the chemical composition of the cremation diamond came from your loved one which makes it both unique and special.
  • Cremation diamonds do not take up so much space. – Burial is becoming unsustainable due to a shortage of cemetery spaces. You would not have this problem if your loved one’s ashes are turned into a cremation diamond.
  • Cremation diamonds allow more flexibility. – It would be easier to remember the life of a loved one through cremation diamonds. Besides, it can be inconvenient to travel to the cemetery every year due to traffic and other unpredictable traveling conditions (e.g. weather).
  • Cremation diamonds give you the chance to be closer to a loved one. – This allows you to still feel connected with your loved ones despite them not being with you anymore. Cremation diamonds can be brought with you whenever and wherever you want.

What are the religious and legal views on cremation diamonds


Catholics on cremation diamonds


The Vatican originally banned the practice of cremation, but allowed it in 1963 as long as it does not contradict their established doctrines. Burials are their preferred type of funeral service because they believe that the body will be more properly respected by burying it instead of having it cremated. They have also mentioned that the deceased’s body is from God and should not be considered as a property of family members.

The Vatican has expressly stated that they only approve of keeping ashes in sacred places such as a cemetery or a columbarium. Other practices such as keeping the ashes at home, scattering the ashes in a particular place, storing them inside jewelry, or turning ashes into diamonds are prohibited. They only allow keeping the ashes at home upon receiving approval from a bishop.


Anglicans on cremation diamonds


Anglicans allow the practice of cremation because it does not interfere with their Anglican traditions. Still, they prefer to have the ashes buried in a cemetery after the cremation process. The bishop will only certify selected places if family members want to scatter the ashes of their loved ones.

They have not mentioned anything regarding other unconventional methods in disposing of human ashes such as mixing it to make a painting or turning the ashes to cremation diamonds.


Eastern Orthodox Christians on cremation diamonds


The Eastern Orthodox Church forbids the practice of cremation since they consider the body as sacred and should be left intact.

They do not allow the process of changing ashes into cremation diamonds.


Lutherans on cremation diamonds


Lutherans are not strict about the type of funeral service family members would choose for their departed loved ones. They accept both burial and cremation services, provided that the body will be treated with respect and will be given the appropriate Lutheran funeral rites. Unlike the Catholic Church, they leave it to family members on what they want to do with the ashes. They can keep the ashes in a cemetery, a columbarium, or at home. They also allow the scattering of ashes on sacred places, but do not accept other ways of honoring the dead such as turning cremains into diamonds, and mounting them onto cremation jewelry.

Lutheran doctrines vary depending on the geographical location. For example, Scandinavian Lutheran doctrine declares that ashes can be buried or scattered on sacred ground, but do not agree with keeping the ashes at home or disposing of them in a disrespectful manner.


Methodists on cremation diamonds


Methodists allow both cremation and burial. Methodists have special churchyards and gardens where they can have the ashes buried or scattered.

There is no clear stance whether Methodists accept the transformation of cremains into diamonds.


Buddhists on cremation diamonds


Buddhists accept the practice of cremation and they leave the choice to the family members on how they can pay their respects to the dead. For them, anything can be done since consciousness has left the body. Therefore, they are open to burying the ashes in a cemetery, keeping it at home or in a columbarium, scattering the ashes, turning the cremated ashes into diamonds, or changing them into cremation jewelry.


Jews on cremation diamonds


The Jewish people prefer to have dead bodies buried instead of having them cremated. Orthodox Jews forbid the practice of cremation because it says so in the Halakha (Jewish law). Some Jews have also linked the cremation process to the Holocaust, which gives cremation a negative image.

However, Liberated Jews are accepting of cremation due to the lack of burial spaces.

Most Jews would find the transformation of ashes into cremation diamonds unacceptable.


Muslims on cremation diamonds


Muslims do not accept cremation in the first place, so they prohibit the transforming of ashes to cremation diamonds.


Taoists on cremation diamonds


Taoists accept both cremation and burial, but they do not have a clear rule on what to do with the cremated ashes. Their religious leaders suggest keeping it in a sacred place that can be readily visited by family members and friends, although the final decision is still made by the family members. The ashes can be turned into cremation diamonds without violating any Taoist law.


Legal considerations on the disposal of remains


There may be questions on who has the right to handle the deceased’s cremains. According to the Florida Probate Code section 732.103, if the deceased did not leave any will:

“The part of the intestate estate not passing to surviving spouse under section 732.102, or the entire intestate estate if there is no surviving spouse, descends first to the lineal descendants of the decedent, and if there is no lineal descendant, to the decedent’s father and mother equally, or to the survivor of them.”

It says that the spouse or next of kin the deceased has the right to handle the deceased’s remains. It also states that the remaining persons allowed to handle the deceased’s remains are presumed to know the deceased’s wishes and will follow those wishes.

The standard rule is that the surviving next of kin is allowed to have the body for burial or any other means of disposition. However, the deceased’s requests must be prioritized in terms of the manner of disposition (burial or cremation). If the deceased has made arrangements on the manner of disposition of his/her remains, their descendants are not allowed to make “substantial revisions” or cancel those arrangements.

Therefore, the person in charge of the deceased’s remains should be determined before making any decisions on the disposition of remains. If the person has stated his/her wish to be transformed into a cremation diamond or cremation jewelry, it should be expressly stated in the will to avoid any conflicts.

In the United States, scattering of ashes is allowed provided the following:

  • The permission of the land owner/s will be necessary if the ashes will be scattered in a private property.
  • There needs to be consent from the local government in the area if it will be scattered in a public property.
  • Federal law does not allow the dropping of objects which can injure people and harm property. If you will scatter the ashes from an airplane, you can coordinate with the designated agency handling these types of situations to avoid violating the law.
  • There are some public places (such as beaches and parks) that do not allow the scattering of ashes. Others allow it only upon securing permits that will enable the casting of ashes.

The French consider the scattering ashes acceptable, but not the storage of ashes at home.

German regulations state that it is illegal to keep the ashes at home or scatter it outside a cemetery. However, the city-state of Bremen has accepted the storage of ashes at home.

In Italy, scattering ashes is allowed as long as it is stated in the deceased’s will, and has been approved by the authorities in the place where the deed will take place

Turning ashes to cremation diamonds is legal in Switzerland. They also allow the scattering of ashes in certain places such as parks and bodies of water, with restrictions depending on the place.


Can we turn pet ashes into pet cremation diamonds?


Most people would assume that only human ashes can be turned into cremation diamonds. However, turning pet ashes to diamonds works too!


Dog ashes to cremation diamonds


Dogs are known as man’s best friend. Their loyalty and playfulness make them fun companions to be with. There are dogs that will wait for their owners to reach their homes and will even sleep beside them. There are pet owners who would play with them in the backyard, give them a bath, and walk with them to the park. The bond dogs form with pet owners is strong and unbreakable.

Dogs symbolize protection (and may be one of the reasons why people use dogs to guard their homes), and this can be attributed to the Egyptian god Anubis, whose head is that of a jackal, a member of the canine family. Anubis guides the souls will travel peacefully from the physical world to the afterlife.

Most people do not think much of the sorrow pet owners experience upon the death of a pet dog. They do not seem to realize that some pet owners hold their dogs in higher regard compared to other people. When you turn your pet ashes to dog cremation diamonds, you are able to transform your pet cremains into something that will last forever.


Cat ashes to cremation diamonds


Cats are known for their intelligence and spontaneity. They often like to cuddle with their pet owners and play with yarn. Some cats would even sneak in the cupboard to get some food or climb towards high surfaces because of their flexibility. They are inquisitive creatures.

Cats are considered as love-it-or-hate-it creatures, and the same thing is true when you look at how they are viewed across various cultures. For example, black cats are seen as a sign of bad luck or death in Western cultures. They are associated with witchcraft and evil.

On the other hand, cats are venerated in ancient Egypt. The lunar goddess Bastet has the head of cat. This is the same thing for Roman culture, because the moon goddess Diana is linked to cats. Cats are included in the chariot of the Freyja, the Norse goddess of fertility.  

Losing a precious pet cat will bring sadness to the life of a pet owner. You may think of different ways in which can show the love you have for your pet cat, but nothing beats the beauty of having your cat transformed into pet cremation diamonds. This will show the enduring love you have for your feline best friend.


Horse ashes to cremation diamonds


Our beloved horses are often known in the race track, but they also bring joy to their pet owners. Horses are often associated with freedom, power, strength, and victory. After all, they are used as a means of transportation especially during the Medieval Ages.

Horses are closely linked to triumphs in war, and continuity of life. Greeks believe that the horse is created by the god of seas, Poseidon, as a gift to Hades (god of the underworld) and Ares (god of war).

Since they are often connected with strength and longevity, it can be daunting to see horses pass away. Turning horse ashes into cremation diamonds is the perfect way to celebrate the fulfilling life your pet horse had. It is certainly a lasting tribute that will remind you of the honor and sense of freedom your pet horse brought you.


Small pet ashes to cremation diamonds


You may have birds, insects, or other small creatures as pets. Their size does not make them any less special than other pets. The happiness brought by our pets cannot be equated with any amount of money.

Our pet birds are linked to higher knowledge and freedom. They may be associated with peace, grace, and bravery depending on the type of bird you have.

On the other hand, insects symbolize adaptability because of their ability to survive in harsh environments. They are also known for their patience and tenacity.

Transforming their pet ashes into cremation diamonds is a remarkable way of showing that you can cope with the loss of your cherished pets. You can be resilient too, just like them and the cremation diamonds made from their remains.


Cremation jewelry for pets


Not only is it possible to turn pets into cremation diamonds, you can also turn them into cremation jewelry! EverDear & Co. offers an array of designs to make cremation jewelry for pets. In this way, your pet can be a part of you, literally and figuratively.

You can wear your pet cremation jewelry on any occasion, but most especially during the times when you miss their presence. Through our pieces of pet cremation jewelry, you can be with your pet anytime, anywhere.

Cremation diamonds prices and worldwide presence



Cremation diamonds prices


There are different factors that affect cremation diamonds prices. There are some cremation diamond producers whose prices start at a thousand dollars, and may even reach up to more than ten thousand dollars. They also give you the option to choose between rough cremation diamonds or cut cremation diamonds. Some of these companies have partnerships with distributors which can lead to an increase in the cremation diamonds cost.


Cremation diamonds cost in USA


Most companies offer high cremation diamonds prices because they emphasize the added value of luxury. Cremation diamonds in the U.S. do not only allow you to venerate your loved one, but also provides you an option to minimize your expenses. This is a one-of-a-kind idea which will suit even the most budget-conscious families due to the rising funeral costs.


EverDear & Co. cremation diamonds costs


We are EverDear & Co., a cremation diamond producer based in the United States. We believe that commemorating the lives of our loved ones does not need to be accompanied by higher prices. Our cremation diamonds costs start at £395, the lowest in the market! We would also like to prove that lower costs do not mean lower quality cremation diamonds.

EverDear & Co. can offer more affordable cremation diamond prices because we use innovative technology that allows us to make cremation diamonds with smaller production costs. We do not have any affiliates in selling cremation diamonds so we can guarantee that there are no additional markups in the cremation diamond pricing. This is simpler because there are no intermediaries in the ordering process. The transaction will take place between you and EverDear & Co.

Another reason for EverDear’s more affordable cremation diamonds prices is because the process of researching and creating cremation diamonds is done in-house. We do not outsource these activities to make sure that the ashes of your loved one is handled with great care. Our research experts are continuously looking for ways to improve the quality while maintaining affordable cremation diamonds costs.

We also offer a flexible payment plan. You have to pay only 50% of the total price after placing an order. The other 50% will only be due once the cremation diamond is delivered to you.


Cremation diamonds in USA and Canada


Cremation diamonds in the U.S. are becoming more popular because there are more people thinking of creative ways in which they can honor the lives of their loved ones. The increasing preference for cremation allows families more flexibility in celebrating the memories of departed family members and friends.

In Canada, cremation costs are approximately a quarter of burial costs. In fact, more than 65% of Canadians prefer cremation as a funeral service compared to burial services. The changing religious and cultural affiliations of Canadians can also make them more open to alternative methods in disposing of their loved one’s ashes. In this case, cremation diamonds in Canada can be another way of memorializing their loved ones.


Cremation diamonds in other countries


Apart from the United States and Canada, other countries in the American continent such as Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Chile, Argentina, and Costa Rica avail of cremation diamonds.

Cremation diamonds are accepted in European countries such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Slovenia, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Liechtenstein, and Luxembourg.

Countries in the Oceania region like Australia and New Zealand also avail of cremation diamonds, along with the country of South Africa.

Asian countries like Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, India, and the autonomous territory of Hong Kong are open to the practice of turning cremains into diamonds.


Things people do with their cremation diamonds


Once you have your own cremation diamond, what do you do with it? Here are some ideas:

  • Keep cremation diamonds at home. – There are people who would prefer to have the cremation diamond loose and keep it in a designated place at home. Some would have it displayed in the living room while other people would keep it in a table near the bed.
  • Make cremation jewelry from ashes. – EverDear & Co. has different cremation jewelry designs available on the website.  In this way, you can transform their cremains into something even more beautiful. You can also bring the cremation diamond jewelry with you wherever you go, whenever you want.
    • Turn the ashes into cremation jewelry rings. – You can also have the cremation diamond changed into cremation rings from ashes. EverDear has cremation jewelry ring designs you can choose from.
    • Turn the ashes into cremation jewelry pendants. – You can opt for cremation pendants and cremation necklaces since these designs will mean that your loved one is always close to you. This is also a type of cremation urn jewelry, with the cremation urn necklace being the most common. Necklaces from ashes after cremation are generally liked because they can symbolize that your loved one will always be in your heart. 
    • Turn the ashes into cremation jewelry bracelets. – Wearing cremation bracelets is another way of remembering the experiences you had with your loved one. Our timeless designs would be perfect to hold your loved one’s ashes.
    • Turn the ashes into cremation jewelry earrings. – Your cremation diamonds can be refashioned into cremation earrings that will suit any occasion. While most people would like to wear extravagant earrings, we believe that a simple and classic design would be more appropriate for your cremation jewelry earrings.


Turning ashes into cremation diamonds is a wonderful way of honoring your loved one.


It is never easy to lose a loved one. There are numerous ways in which you can show that you love and will not forget them. One of these is to transform their ashes into cremation diamonds. You can choose from a variety of colors and carats which will best remind you of your loved one.  

Cremation diamonds are a memorable way of eternalizing your loved one. Through this, you can have a precious object that will reflect your loved one’s personality. The process of changing cremains into diamonds starts by placing an order on EverDear & Co.  In this way, your loved one will last forever, just like diamonds.